Covid Drive-in of the company Gendetective, sro performs sampling for RT-PCR examination of the Covid-19 disease in the parking lot of Homepark Zličín (IKEA / Tesco / McDonald's).

We perform the examination by swabbing the neck . At the same time, thanks to the drive-in concept, you don't have to get out of your car. However, we are also ready to provide services to free visitors.

If you need to travel, we will issue you a travel certificate in Czech and English for free !
You will receive the results within 24 hours of receipt by SMS and to your email.

Our PCR tests
free of charge
Free PCR within Czech health insurance (max. 2 times a month)
Patients with a request from a doctor, hygienic station.
Result within 24 hours by SMS and by email with a travel certificate for free!
1 000 Kč
Travel certificate in the Czech language and angliickém free!
Results within 24 hours SMS and email.
We prefer card payment on site, but we also accept cash.
3 000 Kč
Exclusive service with delivery within hours of collection.
The specific date of delivery of the results will be agreed upon check-in.